The Canonical Tables: A Truly Scientific Discovery

The works of the "Guide to the Canon" and the "24 Canonical Variations " for the study and application of the "Guide to the Canon" were completed by the Master after many years of research. They allow you to easily solve problems of counterpoint on "fixed part". This had never been revealed before in more than seven centuries of musical history (from the fourteenth century to the present day). The Master created an original method for the composition of canons, with examples from 2 to 8 voices, which fully permits to understand the works passed on in the whole tradition of counterpoint. He devised mathematical tables, which from their conception onwards have fed lots of students by revealing the hidden mystery of our ancestors. The use of these guides can quickly direct a musician to the knowledge of all possible technical solutions, now no longer subject to solely personal intuition or empirical attempts, and in each specific situation it can make a composer able to choose from virtually unlimited possibilities. These guides have proven to be indispensable to solving innumerable problems and reveal the extraordinary musical possibilities of the composition technique called canon, which includes centuries-old traditions and outstanding examples of the great geniuses of music to nowadays.