Organ Teaching

Works for Organo for Teaching Purposes

The cycle for organ is in part constructed with an educational intent, aimed at solving problems related to specific subjects of the study of the Chair of the Organ and Organ Composition. These comprise the collections of "Fugues for organ" for the study of organ composition, the "Musical Flowers" at image of Frescobaldi, the Chorales inspired by the style of Bach, the Motets for solo voice and organ, several preludes and fugues in various tones (among them, the composition for the study of the chromatic scale), and the "24 canonical Variations " for the study and the application of the "Guide to the Canon."

The Method of Study of Organ Pedalboard

The teaching cycle of the Master includes the Method of Study of Organ Pedalboard. By means of rational procedures, the method allows the acquisition of a poised and natural playing technique in a few months, whereas several months may be needed with other methods in use. The Work really marks a revolution from an empirical approach to a scientific method for the study and use of pedals. It also capitalizes on the physical study of the body structure to define those techniques and movements that produce the maximum results with minimum effort, reaching a high physical performance to translate into an accurate, timely and agile organ recital. This Work has deeply influenced generations of organists around the world. It has been said that: “With the method of study for the organ pedals every secret will be revealed and you can start the execution of the organ literature with no worries” 1.

1 Camerino Eurofestival, 3rd Edition, 16-30 August 1997.